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Director’s Meeting

September 11 and 12 we celebrated our Home Health Division leadership team at the annual Directors Meeting in Austin, Texas. Special recognition for our key metrics in volume, quality, operations, and finance were given and we learned about healthcare reform changes, OASIS accuracy, survey preparedness, and trust building. Check out and join us in congratulating our leaders and their offices with the following awards:

Some of our winners… Who will be celebrating next?

Cindy Rasnick, Austin TX – LEAN Queen, C3 Flagship: $572k ahead for the unit ($364k ahead for the Austin branch!)
Rosa Cervantez, Eastland TX – Captain Consistency: 31% BCM
Crystal Kelley, Tennessee – Most GREEN Combined: 18 squares on the SMART board, 17 are bright green! ($300k ahead!)
Hui Fang, Asian American – Largest Budget Surplus: $700k and growing!
Rena Kendricks, Temple TX – BCM Tops Award: All 5 offices YTD BCM margin over 35%! (5 of Top 13 Performers!)
Melinda Hoffman, Lake Ozark MO – ALL GREEN Award: 7.25RN, 7.96 Therapy, 6.25% LUPA, $131 Cost, Ahead of Plan, 24.2% BCM!
Tammy Thompson, West Virginia – Greatest 2013 Performance Improvement: 15% in Q1, 19% in Q2, 34% in July!
Jodi Wittwer, Montrose/Grand Junction CO – Colorado HERO Award!
Dorothy Trammel, Brownwood TX – Consistently at the TOP!
Shirley Irvin, Corsicana TX – #1 on the Leaderboard: 42% BCM
Tanga Thompson, West Plains MO – Best Consistent Margin: 38%+ (behind a tough budget!)
Renee Hinze, Schulenburg TX – Movin’ On Up
Melody Platson, Chicago IL – GREEN with Quality (Therapy metrics and outcomes) and Satisfaction!
Tammy Hain, Clearwater FL – Homecare ELITE Award: Best Combo of Finance and Quality!
Julie Norrod, Wichita KS – Quality Outcomes: Green across all OASIS questions!
Terry Greene, Clinical Resources – “Step Up” Award: 100% of our patients recommend and 7.4% rehospitalization in July!
Rosa Murillo, Billing/AR/Finance – AR Improvement, Eligibility improvement, Financial statements by the 8th of the month!

The lovely Eastland Directors: Mary Hearrell, Rosa Cervantez, Audra Moss, and Dorothy Trammell

Terry Greene, Director of Home Health Quality speaking



Article submitted by: Julie Vandre, VP of Quality for Home Health and Hospice


Official Direction from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Home Health & Hospice Aides plan of care cannot use PRN or per patient choice for any task whether personal care or non-personal care. It is out of the scope of practice for the aide to determine what tasks need to be done and when. The qualified professional must develop the plan of care; indicate what task to be done and the frequency of these tasks. If the patient and/or caregiver are cognitively able to make a choice, then the RN must indicate this on the plan of care plus that the patient is functionally able to perform the task. The qualified professional, based on the needs of the patient, also selects non-personal tasks that need to be specific for frequency. Again, if the patient/caregiver is cognitively and functionally able to make a choice, the professional must indicate this on the plan of care.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently stated that the Home Health & Hospice Aide plan of care CANNOT use “PRN” or “per patient choice” for ANY task, whether they are personal care or non-personal care

  • Use of “PRN” or “per patient request” in a patient record must be cited as a deficiency during an on-site survey.
  • Multiple types of care, such as the choice between a shower or sponge bath, can only be used when it has been documented by the nurse that the patient/caregiver has the ability to functionally and cognitively make a choice between the types of care that have been ordered.
  • The Aide Plan of Care must be individualized and refrain from using blanket statements like “patient is cognitively and functionally able to make the choice” for all patients and tasks.
  • If patients are requesting a specific type of care as a result of changes in their condition, Aides must still contact their supervisor prior to administering care.


1. Tub bath or shower per patient request.  1. Tub bath or shower 3 times a week. Patient is functionally and cognitively able to make the choice.
2. May use walker or cane for ambulation per patient request. 2. May use walker or cane for ambulation. Patient is functionally and cognitively able to make the choice.
3. Change bed linens PRN. 3. Change bed linens weekly and anytime they are soiled.

Please contact Home Health Quality with questions. 1-800-447-5464

Article submitted by: Terry Greene, Director of Home Health Quality

Home Health Happenings has a new home!

We are excited to annouce that from now on, you will be able to find the Home Health Happenings newsletter here at! We hope that this blog will make it easier for everyone to access and share articles about all our home health offices. With the move from a paper newsletter to an electronic blog, there are some great features that you can take advantage of. When you go to the blog’s home page, you will see links to all the most recent articles with a small snippet below the title to tell you what it’s about. You’ll be able to find the articles you want more easily. You will be able to easily share specific articles with your team members. You also have the option of leaving comments on articles. You can ask questions, discuss ideas, congratulate other offices, or just talk with your fellow Home Health employees. Your comment may even be featured in next month’s newsletter!

To make the transition a little easier, for the next few months, we will be sending out a printable pdf containing all the articles along with links to the blog in an email. We encourage you to check out the blog and see for yourself what cool new features you can use to foster better communication between all our offices. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas to make this blog even better, please email Julia Widener at