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Box of Applause in Houston

“We are the Houston Unit (Houston, Humble & Wharton offices)! We have an amazing staff, who engage in collaborative efforts with sales, ICU, field, and office staff. We strive to provide great patient care by providing the following: Compassion, Motivation, Personal Integrity, Operational Excellence, and Communication. We were very excited to receive the ‘Box of Applause’. We try to make everyday ‘a round of Applause!'”

A note from Monique Saizan, Administrator for Houston, TX

Wharton Team


Humble Team


Box of Applause in Tennessee

The Knoxville office has been terrific so in May they were sent a box that gave them a well-deserved round of applause. Congratulations Knoxville!

“Knoxville has a great multi-disciplinary approach to patient care and this ensures the patient receive the right care at the right time. I applaud this team every day! Being recognized with the applause box was a nice treat! To celebrate our accomplishments, the applause box was shared at case conferences. It also appeared on various desks as a surprise. It would even applaud over the intercom system to celebrate awesome referral days.” -A note from Crystal Kelley, Administrator for Knoxville, TN

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