Words to Warm Your HEART

I would like to share with you some of the wonderful words that were sent in about fellow team members through our HEART Rewards Program. Below are a few of the notes that were submitted.

Here is why Gwendolyn Black is terrific:
“Gwen has been with the company since 12-26-2006. She has maintained the roles of case manager and Field RN. She is presently working in the field until we hire another Field RN. Therefore, she is presently case managing and seeing patients in the field. Gwen never complains and is always ready to help. Whether it is training a new employee, taking on a late admission/nursing visit or performing inner office duties, Gwen is there with a smile on her face. Gwen also maintains the role as a patient advocate. Gwen is caring, kind, professional, positive, and maintains a great work ethic. She is valuable to our branch and is greatly appreciated. Thank you Gwen!”
Note submitted by: Monique Saizan, Houston TX

Here is why Elaine Wright is terrific:
“Elaine did a great job with an anxious patient and his wife. She spent extra time with them to help relieve their anxiety with his IV’s and have given them the confidence they need! Thank you Elaine!”
Note submitted by: Barbara Dalcerro, Chicago IL

Here is why Lynn Cross is terrific:
“The Sevierville office is very blessed to have Lynn as the newest addition to our Sevierville team. Lynn has stepped right in and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our patients get the care they deserve. She spends numerous hours ensuring our IV patients are educated properly and that they are comfortable with their home infusion. She has been our go to for all our infusion patients since day one. Lynn has a passion for home care and it shows in her dedication to her patients and co-workers on a daily basis. Thanks Lynn!”
Note submitted by: Vicki Kay, Sevierville TN

Here is why Lauren Rock is terrific:
“Lauren’s enthusiasm for nursing is contagious. Her love for her patients and for her work is clearly evident in the smile she brings to work. She has a perfectionist gene. She cares very much that she produces quality work. This you cannot teach, it comes from the heart. She has a spirit of excellence and I highly admire Lauren Rock.”
Note submitted by: Sonia McConnell, Dallas TX


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