Words to Warm Your HEART

I would like to share with you some of the wonderful words that were sent in about fellow team members through our HEART Rewards Program. Below are a few of the notes that were submitted.

Here is why Cheryl Lee is terrific:
“I received a wonderful phone call about Cheryl. According to the patient, Cheryl was thorough and very complete with her care. The patient went on to describe how he had been in two rehab facilities and felt he had learned more from Cheryl than he did in those two rehab facilities combined. He was truly appreciative of the excellent care that Cheryl provided to him. We are lucky to have Cheryl as an employee.”
Note submitted by: Kathy Bobick, San Antonio TX

Here is why Linda Jiang is terrific:
“Linda was just promoted to our office manager assistant early this year. She has been working for Asian American Homecare for more than ten years. Along the years, she has been very dedicated to her job duties and has a lot of enthusiasm about new, challenging work. Furthermore, she has good working relationships not only with all the office staff, but also all the field staff. She is always trying to help when others need it. After Linda took over the assistant position, she went the extra mile to assist the office in contacting the physicians in order to get plan of care, face-to-face and all the physician orders signed and back on time. She is a tremendous asset to our company.”
Note submitted by: Julie Yeh, Asian American Homecare

Here is why Paula Carter is terrific:
“I have had the pleasure of working with Paula the last ten years. Paula is an outstanding employee who goes above and beyond to make sure that all the job duties assigned to her are complete in a timely manner. She is always willing to assist when asked without hesitation. Thank you Paula for your dedication.”
Note submitted by: Tammy Hain, Clearwater FL


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