Countdown: Only 140 Days Left in 2013!

That means we’ve already busted through 225 days this year – seems like we were just PLANNING for 2013 yesterday! Time flies when you’re having fun, and going bananas as I’m sure all of you can relate! (And now it starts all over again, planning for 2014 budgets already!)

In those 225 days, I have to say I’ve never seen as much progress and improvement from one operating division in my career than I have in 2013! Every outcome, metric, lever, dial, percentage, trend (I could go on) has moved forward this year, more than I’ve seen in 18 years of home health experience. As your statistician, let me “count” the accomplishments for us to date:

  • GROWTH – We continue to show double-digit, year-over-year growth in admissions, which translates to double-digit census growth across the home health division: over 10% growth from last year as our competitors and peers are reporting low single digit percent growth, if any growth at all! We are winning with our referral sources and taking great care of patients so they use us again. 96% of our patients would recommend us!
  • QUALITY – We continue to show record-breaking quality outcomes, specifically with our 30 day rehospitalization rates. Our hospital partners are laser-focused on this metric because it benefits Medicare, acute care hospitals, payer sources, and most importantly – our patients! We saw a best-ever reported 7.9% 30 day rate in June compared to national data at around 15%, and I hear early signs of July getting EVEN BETTER!
  • PEOPLE – We are retaining associates more this year than in the past – Only 19% turnover through 225 days, representing 81% retention. We are not perfect here, but we are getting better and progress COUNTS!
  • FINANCE – While focusing on the monthly operating “levers,” intentions were that through focus on the right metrics (LUPA, Unmet Therapy Need, Visit Utilization, HHRG) we would see improvements on both QUALITY and FINANCE Pillars. And we have ABSOLUTELY experienced what we thought would happen!
  1. LUPA improvements in 2013 from over 10% are back to the 7% to 8% range – we are establishing better relationships with our patients. They are recommending us more and are more educated and involved in their own health.
  2. Meeting the unmet therapy need – Improvements in visits, overall therapy discipline utilization and productivity. Our patients are improving and becoming more independent! (A major intention of home health as an industry and provider of healthcare services – low cost, high value relative to other venues of healthcare – we ARE the answer to the healthcare crisis!)
  3. Visit Utilization – More is not always better! We are managing to the most appropriate discipline, and again, experiencing patient outcome improvements – the intention all along.

All of the above improvements are helping our operating division achieve the best PERFORMANCE results in company history in every single category! PEOPLE, SERVICE, QUALITY, FINANCE and GROWTH – they ALL work together!

Looking forward to the remaining 140 days with all of you. As always, thanks for all that you do – you are appreciated more than you know by so many!

Article submitted by: Brad Parrish, VP of Finance


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