Words to Warm Your HEART

I would like to share with you some of the wonderful words that were sent in about fellow team members through our HEART Rewards Program. Below are a few of the notes that were submitted.

Here is why Nana Brandy is terrific:
“Nana has been with us in Corsicana a very short time but the difference that she has made with the patients is fantastic! She goes to doctor’s appointments with them so the doctor knows what’s going on. She worries about them. She goes out of her way to make sure they have the supplies they need. She is truly a nurse with compassion.”
Note submitted by: Anonymous
“What a great asset to our team! Always steps up to meet unexpected needs when they arise. Great team player, great attitude, and wonderful communication!”
Note submitted by: Felisha Jones, Corsicana

Here is why Yvonne Gall is terrific:
“Yvonne came to my rescue with a patient. She was so gracious to call, see, and comfort a patient who was very guarded and particular. She was not the original nurse for this case, but last minute (in the evening on a weekend) she stepped up and completely turned the situation around. This was an emergency and she not only took on the job of another nurse, she took such great care of the patient they loved her and their Girling experience!”
Note submited by: Andrea Witcher, Chicago

Here is why Jesus Manapsal is terrific:
“Jesus went ‘above and beyond’ according to his patient. He was seeing a patient when he inquired about an unusual smell. He asked if he could look around. He found the odor coming from a hot water tank/closest. They had not been feeling well and had a horrible gas leak! They are so thankful and say that ‘he saved our lives.'”
Note submitted by: Sarah Bonar, Wichita


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