What Makes a Great Sales Rep?

A fair question and one that all of us who are Area Sales Managers wish we had the answer to.

There is one thing I’ve noticed: What makes a great sales rep is also what makes a great basketball player. What makes a great basketball player is also what makes a great professor, CEO, politician, etc.

Top performers seek out discomfort to grow. For a basketball player, that might be discomfort in the form of long hours at the gym in the offseason. For a professor, that may be spending twice as much time on a research article as the typical professor would spend. For a sales rep, that may be analyzing all of their calls at night while preparing for the next day.

I am fortunate enough to work with quite a few great sales people, both on my team and on other teams around our division. It is inspiring for me to hear a sales rep work the weekend. Not because they are on call, but because they want to be different.

It is inspiring to hear a sales rep send me an email at 9pm saying she just left a Skilled Nursing Facility late shift. Not because they had a referral for her to pickup, but because she wanted to be different.

What our sales reps do day in and day out is hard work. You cannot succeed in this job by just showing up for work and doing what is asked. In order to perform at a high level as a sales rep, you have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations everyday to get better as a rep and differentiate yourself from your competition.

You may see top performing sales reps around the office, but what you don’t see is the amount of discomfort they seek out on a daily basis to become great at their craft.

Thank you to every sales rep in the company that is out grinding everyday to become great, as well as operations delivering care, which allow us all the privilege to take care of the patients that we do.

Article submitted by: Ryan Jorde, Area Sales Manager


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