June 2013 HEART Note Winners

This program has been put in place to recognize our fellow team members for the Terrific work they do each and every day. I would like to thank everyone who sent in a note to show your support in recognizing the great people you work with. The following names are the Terrific people who were nominated in June 2013 for their great work:

Nana Brandy – Corsicana
Felisha Jones – Corsicana, TX
Yvonne Gall – Chicago, IL
Anita Jones – Corsicana, TX
Jana Dudding – Chapmanville, WV
Deann Thomas – Montrose, CO
Wendy Garcia – Temple, TX
Launa Jamison – Knoxville, IA
Jesus Manapsal – Wichita, KS
Linda McCullough – Montrose, CO
Tracey Woodrow – Montrose, CO
Cara Keelin – Tampa, FL
Jennifer Ryan – Knoxville, TN
Miriam Gonzalez – Montrose, CO
Amanda Logan – Montrose, CO
David Malin – Montrose, CO
Megan Buckley – Chicago, IL
Marlene Chao – Oakland, CA
Sharlet Butz – Abilene, TX
Eve Brooks – Austin, TX
Nikki Davis – Burnet, TX
Debbie Martinez – Dallas, TX
Francis Rivers – Eastland, TX
Tanna Busby – Corsican, TX
Anna Jarl – Houston, TX

Laura Leibundguth – Chicago, IL
Stephanie Brown – Corsicana, TX
Shirley Irvin – Corsicana, TX
Ron Ringo – Montrose, CO
Jodi Wittwer – Montrose, CO
Brenda Newman – Knoxville, TN
Laura Lee – Knoxville, TN
Robert Munden – Corsicana, TX
Mary Schultz – Chicago, IL
Diane Whaley – Sevierville, TN
Diane Foster – Tulsa, OK
Christina Boutright – Tulsa, OK
Lori Welch – Knoxville, IA
Linda Soto – Brownwood, TX
Aaron Kaufman – Clearwater, FL

Congratulations to everyone, especially our winners (the names in red) of the $25 gift cards for a job well done. Keep up the excellent work.

Don’t forget to nominate your fellow team members for the great work they do.
The next drawing of 25 winners will be held on August 7, 2013.

Article submitted by: Julia Widener, HEART Rewards Program Coordinator, HHQ


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