Therapy Thoughts

Meeting the UNMET Therapy Need.

In this changing health care environment, one thing remains the same: Our patients need our care!

How do we ensure that the patients who need skilled therapy interventions actually receive it? Many of our patients are admitted to our care without therapy orders, yet they may have therapy needs. It is incumbent upon us to identify those UNMET Therapy Needs. The Predictive Indicator tool is designed for this purpose. The items on this tool correspond to the functional items on OASIS. This is not by coincidence!

The OASIS is our first step in supporting medical necessity for providing skilled therapy interventions. If a patient is not independent in the functional items on the OASIS, then a referral to the appropriate therapy discipline via a doctor’s order should be made. All Nurses and Therapists should be familiar with the Predictive Indicator tool. The tool should be used to review each OASIS that is completed. The tool will guide you to which therapy discipline(s) are indicated for the patient.

Everyone should be part of identifying our patients’ UNMET Therapy Needs. Providing appropriate skilled therapy interventions will improve our quality outcomes, and more importantly will improve our patients’ quality of life.

Submitted by Tricia Fox, VP of Rehabilitation Services


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