Words to warm your HEART

I would like to share with you some of the wonderful words that were sent in about fellow team members through our HEART Rewards Program. Below are a few of the notes that were submitted.

Here is why Felisha Jones is terrific.
“I do intake in Corsicana and I also order supplies. I can always depend on Felisha to step up for me! Not only me, but also for the patients, whether she is bringing them a shake, lunch, or plants. She is detailed when it comes to the patients’ needs. She makes me proud to be in an office that she goes out and represents.” Note submitted by Anonymous
“Felisha is a very caring and compassionate nurse. She does an amazing job with not only the patients but also their families and caregivers. She provides holistic care.” Note submitted by Anonymous

Here is why Denise Hageman is terrific.
“Denise recently saw a patient who had only one goal. It was to get to the coffee shop for morning coffee with his friends. Denise stopped by the coffee shop to make sure the patient’s equipment (a walker) would work so that he could achieve his goal.” Note submitted by Julie Norrod – Wichita, KS

Here is why Wendy Carter is terrific.
“Wendy has been a part of the Harden Home Health Colorado, Colorado Springs, team since May 2012 as our Social Worker. Wendy consistently goes the extra mile to take care of her patients’ needs and is extremely flexible and available to the interdisciplinary team. Wendy is compassionate and thorough and vested not only in the Agency and the services our team provides our patients, but the community at large as well.

On March 10th, Wendy participated in fundraising for St. Baldrick’s having her head shaved to give her locks to children fighting cancer, have lost their hair, and would like a natural hair wig. A photo of Wendy’s giving was posted in the Sunday, March 17th Gazette News Paper. Wendy is a true testament to the meaning of compassionate caring and I feel blessed that Wendy is part of our Harden Home Health Care team.

Thank you Wendy for all that you do every day to serve our patients and our community!” Note submitted by: Michelle Berenguer-Fry, BSN, RN – Colorado Springs, CO


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