Therapy Thoughts

What about that “Therapy Exception Report”? It is a great BI tool that you receive several times each week, but what should you do with it? This report has a wealth of information in it. So open it up, find your branch’s tab, and look for the following information:

– Quick view of current patients (based on episode dates) receiving therapy.
– Indicates which therapy disciplines a patient is receiving.
– M2200 accuracy throughout the episode (consider the following questions)

  • Why is there a “0” in M2200?
  • Why do you always see the same numbers in M2200?
  • Were all therapy evals completed timely and LOC reported?

– Points out patients with “high” utilization and patients with “low” utilization.

  • Indicates a need to audit the chart for medical necessity (this means read the notes, not ask the therapist).
  • Were orders duplicated in Horizon causing a false number of visits on the report?

– Compares the number of scheduled or “assigned” visits to the number completed.

  • If “completed” visits seem low compared to the number assigned and the start date, it may be an indication that documentation is not being completed in a timely manner and entered in Horizon.

It is a great report, but you won’t know unless you open it and read the information–you might be surprised at what you find!


Article submitted by: Tricia Fox, VP of Rehabilitation


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