March 2013 HEART note winners!

This program has been put in place to recognize our fellow team members for the Terrific work they do each and every day. I would like to thank everyone who sent in a note to show your support in recognizing the great people you work with. The following names are the Terrific people who were nominated in March 2013 for their great work:

Jessica Hudson- Des Moines
Lisa Greenwood- Des Moines
Wendy Carter- Colorado Springs
Melissa Hermes- ICU
Stephanie McDaniels- Birmingham
Nadine Johnson- San Angelo
Jennifer Hawkins- Tulsa
Debra Ryan- Tulsa
Ryan Smith- Chicago
Lisa Esposito- Chicago
Eve Baron- Chicago
Mary Gogol- Chicago
Wade Chiles- HHRC
Jennifer Johnson- AR
Pamula Wilkerson- Corsicana
Ronnie Sterling- Corsicana
Robert Munden- Corsicana
Felisha Jones- Corsicana
Vickilea Spruill- Eastland
Denise Hageman- Wichita
Teresa Krebs- Eastland
Mary Ann Jones- Birmingham
Lori Crooks- Birmingham
Margaret Woods- Tulsa
Florence Bissell- Chicago

Jo Ann Fabian- CAPSTAR
Terry Greene- HHQ
Alysha Greer- Wichita
Joan Ryan- Lake Ozark
Vicki Lewis- Lake Ozark
Leah Stricklin- Farmington
Robin Dantzler- Des Moines
Sue Ferriss- Des Moines
Gayle Shepard- De Witt
Jovanna Hall- Sevierville
Jerri Ison- Birmingham
Lora Repka- Knoxville, TN
Jessica Miller- Knoxville, TN
Heather Blake- Chicago
Liz Parsons- Chicago
Diane Baran- Chicago
Bubee Cole- Chicago
Laura Leibundguth- Chicago
Andrea Martin- Chicago
Kim Crocker- Chicago
Megan Buckley- Chicago
Nancy Oshea- Chicago
Deb Pilate- Chicago
Mary Schultz- Chicago
Anita Jones- Corsicana
Tammi Copeland- Eastland
Rosa Cervantez- Eastland
Tandalyn Carter- Longview

Congratulations to everyone, especially our winners (the names in red) of the $25 gift cards for a job well done. Keep up the excellent work.

Don’t forget to nominate your fellow team members for the great work they do.
The next drawing of 25 winners will be held on May 8, 2013.

Article submitted by: Julia Widener, HEART Rewards Program Coordinator, HHQ


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